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Child Pornography and Sex Crimes Charges

Allegations of possession or distribution of child pornography, child sex abuse, rape, molestation or internet sex crimes can permanently destroy your reputation among family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. In addition, these crimes carry extremely stiff penalties, including lengthy prison terms (in some cases, statutory mandatory minimum terms), the potential for financial restitution to victims, and up to lifetime post conviction supervision.

We will work hard to keep your case out of the media. But we always concentrate on examining and evaluating the government’s evidence with the ultimate goal of minimizing our client’s exposure to the harsher penalties of prison, burdensome registration requirements and lengthy supervisory periods.

We carefully investigate, therefore, the facts surrounding your case, exploring all potential avenues of defense. In internet cases, we always employ the services of computer forensics experts. Our experts conduct painstaking evaluations of the computer hard drives allegedly involved in possessing or distributing child pornography.

With the help of our computer experts, we can evaluate for ourselves the nature of the images alleged to be on our client’s computer hard drives. It is possible that a forensic evaluation of the hard drive may lead us to believe that our clients were unaware that images of child pornography were on their computers, or that the evidence does not clearly prove that our client was the person downloading those images.

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As devastating as a child pornography charge or other sex crime charges are, there are defenses. Whether facing a state or federal investigation, you want skilled child pornography and sex crimes defense attorneys who can conduct their own forensic investigations and aggressively raise legal defenses to these charges. The attorneys at Law & Schriener, LLC are qualified and aggressive St Louis child pornography and sex crimes attorneys.

We look forward to providing you with the best defense: a good offense.

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