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Drug Charges Attorneys in St. Louis, Missouri

Are You Being Charged with a Drug Charge?

The attorneys at Law & Schriener, LLC, have defended people charged with drug and narcotics crimes for over 25 years. Our experienced Drug Defense Attorney in Clayton, MO knows how the local laws in the area work. Drug charges defended by us include:

  • Possession

  • Possession with Intent to Distribute

  • Trafficking

  • Felony Drugs and Narcotics Charges

  • Misdemeanor Drugs and Narcotics

  • Drug Cases involving cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, methamphetamines, opiates, ecstasy, LSD, controlled substances and many other drugs.

General Information:

Advocates of Search & Seizure Rights

Drug charges nearly always begin with a search. The most commonly exploited citizen misunderstanding is a belief that it is somehow illegal or dishonest to decline to speak to law enforcement. Coming in right behind that is the belief that you must permit law enforcement to search your car, purse, baggage, or home. There is no constitutional duty to do either. If law enforcement comes to your home with a search warrant, clearly they have the right to search. You still do not have any obligation to speak with them.

After a Drug Charge

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We’ve defended drug cases both in federal court and in state court. We are familiar with the procedures in both jurisdictions, all the way from detention hearings and bond issues, through preliminary examinations and hearings and probable cause issues, and into evidentiary hearings and motions to suppress evidence and statements or to dismiss because the underlying statute is unconstitutional for some reason. We have tried many of these cases or successfully negotiated guilty pleas with terms beneficial to our clients and protective of their rights. We have filed countless sentencing memoranda through which we have obtained sentences below the federal sentencing guidelines or more favorable than initially recommended. Our Missouri Drug Defense Lawyer will review your case in detail with you to come up with a strong defense.

It is important to remember your rights and to hold onto them if you are stopped for questioning. You should always be polite and never argumentative. However, you may politely decline to make a statement and you may politely decline to allow your car, bag, baggage, or home to be searched without a warrant. If the police tell you they will call a drug dog, of “K-9 unit” if you do not consent to the search, let them. If they tell you that they will impound your car, let them. If they tell you that it will be better for you if you consent, they are not necessarily correct. When you consent to give a voluntary statement or to allow a warrantless search, you are possibly providing evidence that can be used against you that would not otherwise be obtainable.

The most important thing you can say is, “I do not wish to speak to you without a lawyer present.” Just say, “No!” to consent searches and voluntary statements. If you have been approached by law enforcement for questioning, call us before you go any further. We are experienced, we are thorough investigators, we are good listeners. We know the right questions to ask. A drug charge can lead to extremely serious penalties, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

We look forward to providing you with the best defense: a good offense. We are experienced St. Louis Drug Defense Attorneys. Call our office to speak with a St. Louis County Drug Defense Attorney at our office.