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Criminal Appeals Attorneys in St. Louis, Missouri

In the realm of criminal law, the consequences of a conviction can be life-altering. The weight of criminal charges and the potential ramifications extend far beyond the penalties imposed by the court. However, in the pursuit of justice, individuals have the right to challenge a verdict they believe to be unjust or erroneous. This is where the process of criminal appeals comes into play. As your legal counsel, we can guide you through this complicated process and shed light on the steps involved in seeking justice beyond conviction. 

The journey of a criminal appeal may be arduous, but it opens the door to the possibility of rectifying errors, addressing constitutional violations, and securing a new trial or modified sentence. Trust in the experience of Law & Schriener, LLC, where our dedicated team of legal professionals will work tirelessly so that your voice is heard and fight with the goal that justice is served. 

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Valid Reasons to Appeal

When faced with the daunting aftermath of a criminal conviction, it is essential to understand the valid grounds for appealing such a verdict. These grounds may include circumstances where the conviction or sentence violates constitutional rights, claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, lack of jurisdiction by the sentencing court, or sentences that exceed the maximum authorized by law.  

While appealing a conviction does not guarantee a different outcome, it provides an opportunity for a higher court to review the case and potentially overturn the conviction or modify the sentence. Let’s explore these reasons further: 

  • Constitutional Violations: If your conviction or sentence infringes upon your rights protected by the United States or state constitution, such as the right to due process or the right against self-incrimination, you may have grounds for appeal. 

  • Ineffective Assistance of Counsel: If you believe that your defense attorney provided inadequate representation, resulting in a prejudiced outcome, you may be able to appeal based on claims of ineffective assistance of counsel. 

  • Lack of Jurisdiction: Appeals can be pursued if the sentencing court lacked the proper authority or jurisdiction over your case, which could have affected the validity of the conviction or sentence. 

  • Excessive Sentencing: If the punishment imposed by the court exceeds the maximum authorized by law or is unduly harsh or disproportionate to the crime committed, an appeal can seek to rectify the sentence and secure a fair outcome. 

Appeals Process

Understanding the appeals process is crucial for those seeking to challenge a criminal conviction. While the specifics may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the general framework remains consistent. Here’s a breakdown of the typical steps involved: 

  • Notice of Appeal: The first step in initiating an appeal is filing a notice of appeal. This document signals the intent to challenge the conviction and sets the appeals process in motion. 

  • Record Compilation: The appellate court relies on a complete record of the original trial proceedings to assess the grounds for appeal. This includes transcripts, evidentiary exhibits, and relevant documents. 

  • Briefs and Oral Arguments: Both the appellant (the party filing the appeal) and the appellee (the opposing party) submit written briefs outlining their legal arguments. These briefs provide an opportunity to present compelling legal reasoning and address the errors alleged in the original trial. Oral arguments are then presented before the appellate court to further reinforce the arguments made in the briefs. 

  • Appellate Court Decision: After careful consideration of the arguments presented, the appellate court will render its decision. This decision can range from affirming the conviction to overturning it, granting a new trial, or modifying the sentence. 

Filing an Appeal

If you find yourself contemplating an appeal, it is crucial to navigate the complex process with the guidance of experienced legal professionals. Seeking the assistance of skilled appellate attorneys, like our team at Law & Schriener, LLC, helps you feel confident that your case receives the attention and care necessary for a successful appeal. Our extensive knowledge of the law and appellate advocacy can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining justice after conviction. 

The criminal appeals process serves as a vital mechanism for safeguarding individual rights and ensuring the fairness of our justice system. By understanding the valid reasons to appeal, comprehending the appeals process, and enlisting the support of knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys, individuals can pursue justice even after a conviction. If you believe that an injustice has occurred in your case, do not lose hope. Exercise your right to challenge the verdict and unlock the potential for a fair and just outcome. 

Criminal Appeals Attorneys in St. Louis, Missouri 

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