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You made a mistake 15 years ago and were charged with a crime under Missouri law. Eventually, you pleaded guilty, received probation, and successfully completed it. You’ve lived a law-abiding life since that time and are a model citizen. However, the fact of that conviction or guilty plea still pops up from time to time. Is there anything you can do about getting it off your “record?” The legal term for striking or obliterating a criminal record is expungement. Getting help from a Missouri Expungement Lawyer is advised in such cases.

Convictions that Can Be Expunged

Unfortunately, in Missouri, the only conviction that may be expunged is a first-time alcohol-related misdemeanor conviction that is over ten years old. Although Missouri law allows for the expungement of arrest records if a person meets certain requirements, Missouri law does not allow for the expungement of any other type of conviction. Also, Missouri courts do not have the equitable authority to expunge a criminal conviction. Equitable relief is generally available where no other remedy exists, however, Missouri law does not allow courts to exercise this authority to expunge convictions.

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Expungement of History Procedures

With the one exception noted above, Missouri law does not allow for the expungement of a criminal conviction. Furthermore, if you received a suspended imposition of a sentence it cannot be expunged because it is not a conviction. Anyone seeking to expunge a criminal conviction, seek a pardon, or challenge a guilty plea or conviction, in any way, should talk to an attorney experienced in the area of criminal law. This attorney should also have experience in post-conviction matters. Discuss your case with an Expungement Attorney in Clayton, MO at our office by calling.

The attorneys at Law & Schriener, LLC have the experience you need to investigate your rights of expungement of criminal history. Kevin Schriener is an experienced attorney in the area of Missouri expungement of criminal history who has been practicing as a St. Louis County Expungement Attorney for many years. Also for more information about post-conviction relief, habeas petitions or criminal appeals click here: Read about Cases