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DNA Exoneration Attorneys in St. Louis, Missouri

The legal system is not perfect. Mistakes can and do happen, leading to wrongful convictions. It's a devastating reality, but one that we're committed to rectifying through DNA exoneration. This powerful tool has become a beacon of hope for those wrongfully convicted, offering a chance to prove their innocence and reclaim their freedom. 

At Law & Schriener, LLC, our criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of those wrongfully convicted. We don't just fight for justice; we fight for your future. If you or a loved one has been wrongfully convicted, we have the knowledge, experience, and commitment required to navigate the complex process of DNA exoneration.  

Trust us to be the advocates you need in your pursuit of justice. Our firm's deep expertise in criminal appeals and post-conviction representation allows us to passionately advocate for our clients' rights. We proudly serve those in and around St. Louis, Missouri, as well as the surrounding areas of Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, and throughout Missouri.  

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The Role of DNA Evidence in Criminal Cases 

DNA evidence has emerged as a game-changer in criminal investigations, transforming the way guilt or innocence is determined. This fundamental building block of life, found in every cell of our bodies, provides a unique genetic fingerprint that can link a person to a crime scene or exclude them from suspicion. 

Prosecutors often use DNA testing to establish a suspect's presence at a crime scene, thereby suggesting their involvement in the crime. Similarly, defense attorneys utilize DNA analysis to show that the suspect was not present at the scene, potentially proving their innocence. However, it's crucial to remember that the absence of DNA does not automatically absolve a suspect, as other evidence may still point toward their guilt. 

DNA Exoneration: What It Means 

DNA exoneration is the process of using DNA evidence to prove the innocence of an individual who has been wrongfully convicted. It involves comparing the DNA collected at the crime scene with that of the convicted individual. A non-match can provide compelling evidence of innocence, paving the path to exoneration. 

Exonerations highlight the importance of continually seeking the truth in our justice system. They demonstrate that wrongful convictions can and do occur, underscoring the need for ongoing vigilance and dedicated legal representation. 

The DNA Exoneration Process 

The journey to DNA exoneration is complex and requires a specialist's touch. Here's what it typically entails: 

Case Review: A DNA exoneration attorney conducts a meticulous review of the case, including trial evidence, witness testimonies, and any available DNA evidence. 

DNA Testing: The attorney collaborates with forensic experts to perform DNA testing on the collected evidence. This could involve retesting old samples or analyzing newly discovered ones.

Comparison and Analysis: The DNA profiles obtained from the testing are compared against the convicted individual's DNA. A non-match can serve as potent evidence of innocence.

Presenting Findings: The attorney presents the DNA test results in court, highlighting discrepancies between the DNA evidence and the conviction. 

Legal Proceedings: The attorney files a motion for post-conviction relief, aiming to overturn the conviction based on the new DNA evidence. 

Release and Exoneration: If the court accepts the DNA evidence as compelling, the wrongfully convicted individual may be released and officially exonerated. 

How an Attorney Can Help 

An experienced DNA exoneration attorney is instrumental in navigating this intricate process. At Law & Schriener, LLC, our attorneys offer: 

Expertise in DNA Analysis: Our team has comprehensive knowledge of DNA analysis techniques and can accurately interpret results.

Case Review and Investigation: We conduct exhaustive case reviews and identify potential flaws in the original investigation.

Legal Strategy and Representation: We develop robust legal strategies based on DNA evidence, advocating for our clients in court to reverse wrongful convictions

Post-Conviction Relief: We assist in filing motions for post-conviction relief, presenting DNA evidence to the court, and arguing for the conviction to be overturned.

Emotional Support: We understand the emotional toll of wrongful convictions and offer compassionate support throughout the exoneration process. 

DNA exoneration has proven to be an intimidating force in correcting wrongful convictions, reinforcing the pursuit of justice within our legal system. At Law & Schriener, LLC, our dedicated attorneys champion the cause of the wrongfully convicted and help them reclaim their lives.  

If you or a loved one has been wrongfully convicted, we invite you to reach out to us. Let's work together to right the wrongs and ensure that justice is served. 

DNA Exoneration Attorneys Serving St. Louis, Missouri 

In the complex world of criminal justice, DNA evidence has emerged as a signal of truth, illuminating dark corners and correcting injustices. At Law & Schriener, LLC, we stand at the forefront of this fight, using our knowledge and unwavering commitment to transform lives in and around St. Louis, Missouri. If you're seeking to overturn a wrongful conviction, we're here to guide you through this daunting process with dedication.