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Internet Crimes Attorneys in St. Louis, Missouri

State and Federal Criminal Defense

Increased Internet Crimes Prosecution

Crimes involving the use of the Internet and the computer have increased dramatically over the past decade. In response to this trend, the federal government and local prosecutors are allocating more manpower to arrest and prosecute these crimes aggressively.

Therefore these types of crimes are no longer viewed as a victimless or a low priority crime. If you have been arrested or being investigated for a crime which a computer was used you need to contact the criminal defense attorneys at Law & Schriener to represent you in this matter. The fines have increased significantly and you could be facing lengthy jail time. An Internet Crimes Attorney in Clayton, MO knows exactly how to have these fines and penalties reduced.

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The criminal defense attorneys at Law & Schriener understand the complicated legal issues involved in computer crime cases at the state and federal level. We have the experience and a network of technological experts to prepare an aggressive defense. Call us today to talk to a Missouri Internet Crimes Lawyer at our office.

Types of Internet Crimes We Represent

The most common crimes we have represented involving the Internet are:

  • Hacking

  • Credit Card Fraud

  • Bank Fraud

  • Identity Theft

  • Pornography

Call us today to discuss your case with a St. Louis County Internet Crimes Attorney. We are here to assist you in preparing a good defense. We are experienced St. Louis Internet Crime Attorneys.