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Criminal Defense Overview

Allegations of a crime or criminal misconduct, whether in front of a judge, jury, or a professional review board can have consequences that will follow you for life. A criminal conviction involving any criminal charge/charges can land you in jail as well as give you a permanent criminal record that can affect your employment opportunities and other rights and privileges. That is why it is imperative that you get an experienced criminal lawyer to defend your case. If you are living in Clayton, Missouri, then you will need to contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Clayton, MO.

Our Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyer has handled numerous criminal cases over the years. The types of cases that we handle depend on the jurisdiction and the time of the society.

When I was at the federal defender’s office from 1991 to 2001, about 60% of our cases involved drugs, to begin with, specifically, crack cocaine. After that, methamphetamine-related cases became prevalent, followed by cases involving heroin. Most of the crimes that I handled were either drug crimes or gun crimes, or both.

We also handled some fraud cases – mostly social security fraud or housing fraud.

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