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I guarantee that I will thoughtfully and aggressively represent you or your loved one. My trial, negotiating experience and reputation for tough, honest representation span more than two decades. I know how to investigate a case and consider every possible approach so that you can have the most options possible from which to choose a safe, beneficial way forward.

I have never done any sort of work but criminal defense. We will not be hurried, but rather will take the time we need to explore all of your options.

I promise to listen to you, to treat you with respect, to answer your questions and to return your phone calls. I look forward to meeting you. I hope that when you leave my office, you can feel more confident and hopeful; you can leave the worrying to me. Click Here To Read More

My partner and I almost exclusively represent clients that have come into contact with the criminal justice system, either through investigation, pending charges, or convictions. We handle all aspects of the criminal process from pre-indictment to postconviction.

My area of concentration is postconviction cases in both state and federal court. I have represented clients challenging their sentence, conviction or continued confinement in the United States District Courts for the Eastern District of Missouri, Southern District of Illinois, Northern District of Georgia, and Northern District of Indiana. I have also represented clients in Missouri challenging their convictions and sentences including clients sentenced to life without possibility of parole and to death.

In addition to my post-conviction work, I have represented clients charged with crime in both federal and state court at the trial level and on direct appeal. Click Here To Read More

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